All aboard for a fantastic model railroad tour!

In 1975 a group of then young men gathered to form a model railroad club. There were about 10 of us then. Sadly some have passed away, others have moved and others have returned after 15 years. This was the Orrville Model Railroad Club and for nearly 25 years the club lived under a store in downtown Orrville, Ohio. A modest railroad was built in the space of roughly 20'x25' and was a double main folded dog bone style road. It was fully sceniced and had even been upgraded to include a DCC system. 

One of the ways we made money in those days to fund our railroad expansion was to sponsor a flea market. Our first flea market was only about 10 dealers but we were a roaring success! We continued to sponsor these shows for the next 22 years. We were always the first of the season right after Labor day. It finally ran its course and we stopped the shows due to lack of personel to put them on year after year.

The Orrville Railroad Historical Society had by now started its annual Depot Days and this lead to our holding open houses at the club for the three day event. Then we started an Open House for the Thanksgiving Holidays. These two events were always a great hit and it was most fun to see the kids ..... oh the smiles and laughs and FUN! And isn't that what it's all about!

Well, here we are all these years later. In 2001 we took a vote ..... the five of us ..... to shut it down. There simply was not enough interest anymore to keep the club going. We simply split it all up and gave the railroad to one of our members who really wanted it ...... and it is now back on the list of home layouts! A few of us from the original group are still around and finally building our own home layouts and we are pretty good. We all love showing the art of model railroading to others so much that we thought we would give this a try. So in November 2002 we joined the ranks of the rest of the modelers around the country in the November National Model Railroad Month open house celebrations! Each year the response has been better and better. People are coming from 5 states to see our work. This is good because it forces us to have something new to show year after year as those who come back expect to see more and better things on each of our pikes. 

So we decided to enter the 21st century with a web-site featuring who we are and what we are about. We hope that you enjoy this virtual teaser and that you will perphaps pay us a visit one of these years! Thanks for your visit.